Sugi NFC Wallet Card Has Finally Launched

After months of arduous development and uncompromised testing, we are proud to announce the official launch of the Sugi NFC wallet card which is now available for pre-order

The day has come

At Sofitto, the company behind the Sugi technology, we are on a mission to deliver a highly secure cryptocurrency hardware wallet that also allows for smooth usability for its holders. We made this happen by embedding blockchain technology into a very handy banking product — a payment card.

The Sugi NFC Wallet Card looks exactly like any other payment card, and in the future, it will also operate as one. The technology we are developing will make everyday use of blockchain-based currencies and assets an absolute breeze.  With our technology we are able to technically bring a blockchain transaction to an ordinary ATM or POS. No more hot wallets. The actual implementation of this concept will be the subject of Sofitto's subsequent project stages and regulatory approval.

The goal of Sofitto — making cryptocurrency transactions simple, safe, and mobile — is now perfectly embodied in Sugi NFC Wallet Card. We will work hard on making Sugi reach and respond to both the crypto community looking for such tech solution, and ordinary individuals appreciating its ease-of-use.

What makes Sugi so safe?

All aspects of the Sugi card were designed with security in mind. Sugi is a hardware wallet, which means your data is never stored online and therefore cannot be compromised. The technology is virus and malware-proof, and Sugi is protected with a security chip and a PIN code.

Sugi cards are being produced in line with the highest security standards of the European Union (ISO 14443). They will be shipped out in a tamper-proof box equipped with an NFC shield.

Using Sugi, each transaction has to be confirmed with a PIN and by pairing the Sugi to the mobile phone app, making sure the owner has the sole and complete control over it.

What if I lose my Sugi?

We have made recovery super simple and safe at the same time. If your Sugi is damaged, stolen, or lost, and even if you forget your PIN, you will not lose access to your assets, as long as you have one of your keys.

Even if your phone ends up being damaged, stolen, or lost, your funds will remain safe. Registered users will be able to simply download the Sugi mobile app on another device, log in with their account and regain access to their card.

Which cryptocurrencies can I store and use on Sugi?

Initially, Sugi will allow for use of the following cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin (BTC),
  • Ethereum (ETH),
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH),
  • Litecoin (LTC),
  • Ripple (XRP),
  • and ERC-20 tokens.

Later on, many more cryptocurrencies will be available.

In the future, Sugi will also offer support of fiat currencies, as our goal is to provide a seamless integration between fiat and crypto. At Sofitto, we are passionate about bringing blockchain into the hands of ordinary individuals for everyday use, and the Sugi card takes us one step further towards this goal.

When can I get my Sugi?

While the pre-order is available already, we will start shipping Sugi cards in November 2018. After receiving the card, customers will be able to begin using it almost immediately, following a short setup.

There are two ways Sugi holders can use it, based on their preference — either as registered or unregistered users. Although many holders will opt for anonymous, unregistered use, there are a number of benefits to registering:

  • First, you can use Sugi in conjunction with multiple devices by installing the Sugi mobile app on them. Unregistered users have to unpair and relink cards from one device to another.
  • Second, you can create multiple virtual cards. Unregistered users get to set up only one virtual per every physical card.
  • Third, the process of securing your funds should you lose your phone is much easier and faster.

Pre-order Sugi

Our revolutionary mobile-first cryptocurrency NFC wallet card Sugi is now available for pre-order. Having achieved this important milestone, we thought a free gift would be an excellent way to celebrate. With every pre-order, we are giving out a free limited-edition shield card, which protects all NFC cards in your wallet from skimming.

For more information about Sugi and its underlying technology, head to our website and pre-order one from the batch.

Let’s bring blockchain to everyday use.

Sugi (Sofitto NV)

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