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Make your crypto serve you well - anywhere and anytime.

If you own cryptocurrencies and if you don't do it solely for watching the trading chart candles go green and red, you might want it...

Why is Sugi’s Sofitto based in Belgium? There’s a good reason for that.

Sofitto and Sugi teams have brought together various talents and minds from all over Europe, however, it all began in Belgium, the fintech center of...

Order a Sugi - or two! - with the Pre-Sale Discount

Sugi Cryptocurrency NFC Wallet Card is now available with a discount for the duration of the pre-sale. Discounts up to 25%! 

Sugi Card Goes Worldwide

Sugi NFC Wallet Card is now available worldwide.

The Key to Security? Keep the Keys Offline

Cryptocurrency and all its information is always stored on the blockchain network, while public and private keys allow for secure management of crypto assets. Accessibility...

Sugi: The Big Story Behind the Small Name

The Sugi card got its name after the sugi tree or cryptomeria. The name relates to the cryptocurrencies supported on Sugi NFC Wallet Card and...

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