What is Sugi?

Sugi is a mobile first cryptocurrency hardware wallet. The card, which works hand in hand with the wallet application on NFC enabled mobile phone with Android or iOS, allows users to store or make secure transactions with multiple cryptocurrencies.

How does the Sugi work?

Sugi consists from card and mobile wallet app as its interface. The card holds a special key in the secure element that allows users to conduct transactions on multiple blockchain networks. The key is protected by a unique pin known only to the card holder.

How is it different from any other software wallet (also called hot or web wallets)?

Cryptocurrencies stored on software wallets are always at risk of being stolen by hackers. This is because they are not designed with security that is strong enough to prevent hackers from accessing it.

How is it different from other hardware wallets?

Sugi is mobile first HW cryptocurrency wallet which means its designed specifically for smartphones and therefore very easy to use. Because of its convenient shape its very transportable. It's also one of the few on the market if not the only one that allows customisation which is perfect for a gift or just so you don't confuse yours with someone else's.

What features are available with the Sugi Card and app?

Currently your Sugi Card and app can be used to store, send or receive cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, ERC-20, Bitcon cash, Litecoin and Ripple). In the future, we will add more cryptocurrencies, even fiat which will allow you to use Sugi as standard payment card for in-store, on-the-go or online payments without the need to converting them first.

Will Sugi support other cryptocurrencies in the future?

Draft version

Of course. New versions of Sugi will support additional cryptocurrencies. We will even add digitised national currencies which will allow you to use Sugi on existing infrastructure of ATMs and POS terminal withouth the need to make exchanges first.

We plan to announce this in 2019. You can subscribe HERE and be sure to know all our latest news.

Why should I use the Sugi?

You should use Sugi improve the security of storing your cryptocurrencies (the private key is stored offline and therefore safe from malicious attacks). Also to improve usability and accessibility of cryptocurrencies in day-to-day life by providing a full mobile experience when you are on the go.

Is the Sugi Card the same as the Sugi Wallet (mobile app)? Can I use one without the other?

No. Sugi Card is a hardware wallet and the Sugi Wallet is the mobile application which can be used as a interface for hardware wallet and/or standalone software/hot wallet.

You must use the Sugi Card with the Sugi Wallet in order to have the hardware wallet’s functionalities- wallet is a mobile application which provides easy to use interface so you can manage everything that is on the card.

However, if you don’t own a Sugi Card, you can still use the Sugi Wallet as a standard software wallet by creating virtual card in-app that holds your cryptocurrencies- for example to initiate smaller transactions or store smaller amounts of cryptocurrency.

What is the Sugi Virtual Card?

A Sugi Virtual Card is a software wallet (also called hot or web wallet) that can be used similar to other mobile wallets on the market. You can create virtual card in Sugi wallet application that is downloadable from Apple App store or Google Play.


How much does Sugi cost?

There are different pricing options: Sugi Card retails for 59,90 EUR, including standard shipping and taxes. Sugi wallet is for free.

Customisation of the card costs additional 10 EUR.

Draft version

We offer also a bundle price for 2 customised Sugi cards for 119,90 EUR (which saves you 19,90 EUR compared to purchasing it separately) and subscription for 8,90 EUR/monthly which grants you the exclusive access to new versions of Sugi with additional cryptocurrencies supported and also some other premium feature.

Why should I choose subscription? What does subscription model include?

Since security and simplicity are our top priorities we won't allow users to do manual updates themselves. This means that when we will launch new version of Sugi with additional cryptocurrencies we will send you new Sugi for free. Therefore no need for the complex and scary update, you will simply add new card to your wallet.

You will also get exclusive front of line pass to limited edition series and our premium support.

You will get at least 2 new Sugi Cards per year.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel subscription at any time by

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, we offer refunds in line with our returns policy and applicable laws, including 14 days “Peace of mind” in case you change your mind and want to return the card.

Do you provide a warranty for the Sugi Card? What can I do if it stops working?

The Sugi Card comes with a standard 2 years warranty from the day of delivery. For any faults that are uncovered within the first 6 months after delivery are automatically assumed to have existed upon delivery. For any faults uncovered thereafter you we will, however, need to prove that the fault has already existed, when the card was delivered.

Can I use my Sugi Card on its own to access my account?


Can I get a custom designed Sugi Card?

Yes! We offer a wide array of customization options for customized text - an industry first! Other design customizations and special editions will be added later.

However we offer white-label cards for bigger batch orders. If you are interested contact us for individual offer.

How can I buy a Sugi Card?

Sugi Cards are available for purchase in our online store.

What are the shipping options?

We offer standard or express shipping. The standard delivery time is 7-14 working days and is free. The express delivery time is 2-4 working days. The costs depend on your location.

When is the Sugi going to be available?

Sugi can be pre-ordered now with shipping expected in early October.

What to do when I receive the Sugi Card?

You need to download the Sugi mobile app for Android or iOS and activate the card. You can also see our step by step set up here.

Security and recovery

How secure is Sugi?

Security is our top priority. Sugi is virus and malware-proof by design. Private data stored on the card is never exposed - it is secured within a security chip that is pin protected. All of the transactions are confirmed with PIN and tap of a Sugi card to your mobile phone.

Sugi Card is manufactured under highest security standards in the European Union and is delivered in a tamper proof envelope with RFID blocking card which protects Sugi from skimming.

Is NFC safe? What happens if someone with NFC reader wants to scan my card?

If someone with NFC reader tries to scan your card, the only thing he can see is your public key.

What if I lose my Sugi Card (or it gets stolen, damaged)?

Worry not! Just follow 3 simple steps:

Step 1:Go to Sugi mobile application on your phone —> go to Settings —> select Recovery

Step 2: Scan Recovery QR code you got when you first activated Sugi card

Step 3:Order and transfer funds to a new card (you can also transfer funds to a virtual card until you receive a new physical card)

What if I lose my phone (or it gets stolen, damaged)?

Worry not! Install the Sugi mobile application on the new device. Log in with your account and Voila!, you will see your card there.

Create a new card and link it to your existing Sugi card. It will automatically unlink from your previous device.

It depends how you used Sugi with your previous device:

  • If you created an account and register than all you need to do is Install Sugi mobile application on the new device and login with your account - voila, you will see everything there
  • If you used Sugi annonimyously than you need to install Sugi mobile application on your new device and again activate your existing Sugi card (it will automatically unlink from your previous device)

What if I lose my card and also the backup QR code?

If you lose your card, you cant restore your card without the QR code.

How much will it cost for me to have a new Sugi Card if I lose my original card?

In this unfortunate event you will need to pay the full price of a new card. To prevent fraudulent reporting of stolen or lost cards, we cannot give extra discounts in case of lost or stolen cards. However, worry not! Even if you lose your card, all your funds are still safe and can be recovered and transferred to the new one.

Can I change the PIN?

If you have Android device you can change the PIN in your wallet application. If you are an iOS user you won't be able to change the PIN on your wallet application but you can change it on any android device.


What do I need to use Sugi?

Sugi hardware wallet (physical card and mobile application) You need NFC enabled mobile phone with Android (version 6 or higher) or iPhone 7 or higher, irrespective of the iOS version.

Sugi software wallet (virtual card in mobile application)You need NFC enabled mobile phone with Android (version 6 or higher) or iPhone 5 or higher, irrespective of the iOS version.

What if I dont have NFC enabled phone?

We are working hard to offer Sugi desktop cross-platform application as soon as possible. Then you will be able to use it with your computer via special NFC reader.

What if I dont have Android or iOS mobile phone?

We currently don't support other operating systems.

Can I use Sugi with my computer?

Not at this time, we are in progress of development a desktop cross-platform application. And we plan to announce it soon. You can subscribe HERE and be sure to know all our latest news.

What wallets does Sugi work with?

The Sugi card works together with the Sugi mobile wallet.

Do I need an internet connection to use my Sugi Card?

You do not need an internet connection to use the Sugi card. You can also confirm transactions offline and the balances will synchronize as soon as either the recipient or sender devices goes online.

Do I need to turn off my Sugi Card?

No. The Sugi Card has no power of its own and does not need to be turned on or off.

What are the functions of Sugi?

With Sugi you can easily store your cryptocurrencies. In the wallet application you are able to see balances, your past transactions and easily send or receive cryptocurrencies.

For transfers you can either insert card number of other Sugi user or even scan a QR code. If you are sending to other wallet you need to type in their public key.

How do I use my Sugi Card?

*link to video showcasing the process*

Specifications & Durability

Is the Sugi Card waterproof?

Yes. *details including temperatures*

Do magnets affect my Sugi Card?

No. *details*

Is the Sugi Card flexible?

Yes. The Sugi Card is made of a strong plastic polymer that is flexible and can withstand *technical details*

Is Sugi open source?

We plan to opensource Sugi mobile wallet application and payment protocol specifications. Sugi card application and the backend components will stay proprietory.

Can I update the firmware?

No, the Sugi card application is pre-loaded to the chip in the production process and cannot be modified later which provides another layer of security.

Software Development

I want to participate in implementing the Sugi Card with my wallet or service.

We are working on a pilot integration of Sugi Cards in third party wallet with our partner. After successful pilot integration and technical specifications finalization - we will be open for collaboration with other partners,

Is it possible to flash the device?


Where can I find the source codes?

All opensource components will be available in Sofitto github page

Corporate Sales and Affiliate Program

Do you sell white-label cards?

Yes we do! Contact us to discuss your requirements and to learn what else Sugi can do for you.

Do you have an affiliate program? How can I work with Sugi?

Yes. Contact us for more information on how we can work together!

Sugi (Sofitto NV)

Exclusive front of line access to new versions of Sugi for free + premium support

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