Make your crypto serve you well - anywhere and anytime.

If you own cryptocurrencies and if you don't do it solely for watching the trading chart candles go green and red, you might want it to actually serve the purpose of currencies, or maybe you'd prefer storing them for the future.

For either of your crypto-plans (or both combined and more), there is a solution.

How does your crypto serve you?

Is your goal to store your cryptocurrencies securely and treat them as an investment? Your best option for safe storage is a hardware wallet.

These, however, usually come in a cable-bound, bulky hardware form. Yes, the cryptocurrencies can instill an enormous influence on the market, but this doesn't mean that handling and storing them can't be lightweight and sleek in your hand.

Maybe, you see currencies as merely a payment instrument that grows over time?

With fiat, your credit and debit cards provide payment options for both online and in-store everyday purchases. However, not many payment cards support crypto assets at the moment.

Either of these options is a good way to make your cryptocurrencies work for you, but what if you can't (or won't) pick just one? The optimal solution is a hybrid of both – a safe storage and easy usability of your crypto assets.

Its name is Sugi NFC Wallet Card.

Sugi combines the forward-pushing blockchain tech and crypto assets with the safety of a hardware wallet and private keys. On top of it, Sugi adds the convenience of an NFC chip for easy use with mobile phones.

It comes in a familiar payment card format and can be merged with the Sugi mobile app for even smoother user experience.

Compared to other hardware wallets on the market, it provides the next-level usability while not compromising the safety and mobility of the stored crypto assets.

The future is in the hands of the users

Widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies will not happen until there are no knowledge or technical barriers for using them. People trust the tools they are used to, and Sugi is doing just that. Building a bridge between the blockchain and the mobile, between a merchant and a customer, Sugi is creating a seamless way for blockchain technology to be employed every day by anyone.

Let your crypto drive your shopping cart and enable peer-to-peer transfer of value.

Pre-order the discounted Sugi of your choice now.

Sugi (Sofitto NV)

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