Order a Sugi - or two! - with the Pre-Sale Discount


Sugi Pre-Sale Discount


Sofitto's Sugi, the new customizable Cryptocurrency NFC Wallet Card, is now available with a discount for a short period of time.

Get What You Need

Sugi milestones come with Sugi promotions! To celebrate the launch of Sugi card in 32 new countries and to make it even more accessible worldwide, we are cutting down the prices - from 12,5% to up to 25%.

Previously priced at EUR 69,90, the original Sugi is now available for EUR 59,90 or nearly 15% off.

Fans of asset customization will not get left behind, either. The customized Sugi applies the same, nearly 15% discount, lowering the price from EUR 79,90 to EUR 69,90.

If you’re a fan of sharing, get one for yourself and another for a friend. Or, just keep both and use them separately. The Expert pack includes 2 customized Sugi Cards with the Pre-sale 25% discount, so you can get both for EUR 119,90 instead of EUR 159,80.

Just as before, each Sugi pre-order comes with a gift – a free NFC Blocker Card that protects the cards in your wallet from skimming.

Limited Time Only

The discounted prices are available for a limited period of time.

Act now, secure your spot, and be among the first to receive the innovative Sugi Cryptocurrency NFC Wallet Card at a discounted price, packed with a gift – the NFC Blocker Card.

Get Crypto in Your Pocket

There are not many ways to protect your cryptocurrencies offline while being able to pay with them on a daily basis. Sugi is one of the best means to do so, and now at an even lower price.

Read more about Sugi and Pre-order Sugi card before it's gone!
Sugi (Sofitto NV)

Exclusive front of line access to new versions of Sugi for free + premium support

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