Sugi (Sofitto NV)

The Multifunctional Sugi Card

Forget about clunky devices, cables and a complex user experience. With Sugi, cold storage is simplified, so you can use it every day.
  • Multi-Currency Storage

    Sugi (Sofitto NV)

    The Sugi card takes over the storage of your Bitcoins (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ripple and ERC20 tokens.

    More currencies coming soon!
  • Keeps Private Keys Offline

    Sugi (Sofitto NV)

    The Sugi card manages your private keys. They never leave the secure element of the card and are always kept offline.

  • Authentication Element

    Sugi (Sofitto NV)

    With the Sugi card, you securely sign transactions by tapping the card to your NFC-enabled phone.

  • An Everyday Payment Card

    Sugi (Sofitto NV)

    With Sugi, you will soon be able to make in-store payments and ATM withdrawals worldwide in any currency - fiat, cryptocurrency and tokens.

    Available soon.

Security Is Our Top Priority

Security begins with development and production, and it does not end with delivery. We make daily use of the Sugi highly secure yet simple to use.
  • Security by Design

    Sugi (Sofitto NV)

    Virus and malware-proof by design. Your private data is never exposed. It is secured within a security chip that is PIN-protected.

  • Guarded Production

    Sugi (Sofitto NV)

    In the European Union.

  • Secure Delivery

    Sugi (Sofitto NV)

    Delivered in tamper-proof box with an NFC shield.

  • Secure Transfers

    Sugi (Sofitto NV)

    With a tap of the Sugi.

Easy Recovery

Even if your Sugi card or mobile phone get lost, stolen, damaged, or you forget your PIN, you can easily restore access to your funds.

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Make Sugi Truly Yours

Create a personalized Sugi and never confuse your card with someone else's.
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Bitcoin Legend


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James Smith


Jane Doe



  • Newbie

    1 x Sugi Card


  • Pro

    1 x Customized Sugi Card


  • Expert

    2 x Customized Sugi Card (2-pack saving)




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Sugi (Sofitto NV) Free gift on all pre-orders: a limited edition shield card that protects all NFC cards in your wallet from skimming.

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Sugi (Sofitto NV)

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